Behnaz Amery

the chef and the founder

Behnaz grew up with Shole Zard recipe. Persians traditionally serve this dessert during their festivities and ceremonies. But she started making vegan saffron pudding dessert for her meditation circle in Canada.

When she moved to the US a few years ago she felt that saffron, Persians beloved spice, was left alone on grocery stores' shelves. So Behnaz has founded Zarparan to reintroduce saffron with her vintage recipe to the modern world.

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Story Time


Zarparan (Zar: Gold, Paran: Leaves) means Saffron in Persian language. Saffron spice inherits its rich golden color from the threats of the brilliant bright purple flower. Researchers concluded that saffron supplementation enhance good mood. It's said that if you eat too much saffron, you will die laughing! The "Z" in our logo represents a smile and two red saffron threads.

The benefits of saffron

be happy with saffron

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Special Taste From Persia

Om om om...

Feel the power of healthy dessert

Experience saffron in a brand new light and satiate your palate with the blended excellence of:

Jasmine Rice
Persian Saffron

Rose Water

Organic Raw Sugar

Pistachio Nuts

Where can you find Zarparan saffron pudding?

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